Multi-purpose Laparoscopic Tool


Optempus Ltd

In 2015 the startup Optempus Ltd explored the possibility to develop an innovative surgical tool suitable for Laparoscopic surgery.

Briefing and concept

The main problem in Laparoscopic surgery is switching between tools during the operations, requiring the surgeons to spend additional time and effort to change between them. Laparoscopic tools are particularly long, and changing tools is tiresome, and this process causes a break in the workflow, disrupts concentration, and increases the risk to the patient.

The goals for the proposed tool were:
• Shorter surgery time
• Lower complication rates
• Corresponding cost savings during surgery
• Increase in the workflow for the surgeon
• Enhanced ergonomics and reduced fatigue

Our solution: Normally surgeons use different graspers and cutting instruments like scissors and hooks, as well as the suction system during an operation.
The goal is to combine a single multi-purpose tool for laparoscopy that has the same dimensions of the current ones (ca. 400 mm length, 5mm ø) and gives to the surgeon the possibility to have different tips in the same tool. Typically surgeons use 4-5 different tips, and most of their use depends by the type of operation. Having a single tool that contains all these instruments and also for it to be customisable by the operator would be a significant benefit to the surgeon, patient, and ultimately the healthcare system.

The ideal tool would be:

• usable with only one hand

• usable combining with the usage of a Johan grasper with the left hand

• angle between handle and shaft must be 40-50°

• mechanism must be actuatable with little effort

• mechanism must be actuatable by small hands as well as big hands.