Sex Tech and Health Debate

22 February 2020

Rivers Room, Somerset House, London

With Claire Mead, Josh Armistead, Jas Matharu and Soumyadip Rakshit

Sex Tech and Health Debate

Sex and reproductive health affects all of us. Yet it is still often seen as taboo to educate ourselves on our own bodies and sex habits. How can health tech help break down assumptions? And how can we create more feminist and LGBTQI viewpoints via inclusive sex tech? Join our speakers exploring sexual health via innovative apps, smart vibrators and femtech. How can we push these ideas further - and challenge who can access this personal (care) data?

With Soumyadip Rakshit: co-founder & CEO of smart vibrator company MysteryVibe. They combine digital tech with sex toys to explore and educate about pleasure in new ways.

Jas Matharu: founder of femtech app Elara Care. It provides tailored information focusing on women's health. Decoding data on hormones gives users insight into their physical and mental wellbeing.

Mara Pezzotta: designer working on the concept of Controversial Design and how to challenge the way we explore Sex, Food and Death with design. Particularly focused on how social behaviours influence objects and how to use design to influence society.

Josh Armistead: co-founder of Troglo, an app to track your sex habits and experience with personalised information. Their aim is to lift the shame around sex and talking about STDs - and to educate about this with a particular focus on gay and bi men as well as mental wellbeing linked to sex in the LGBTQI community.

See the full debate here. Photo credits Sophia Nasif-Whitestone