Lighting System for Museums


BA Graduation Project

With Elio Micco


Exposition areas have the task of enhancing the qualities of objects.
This is possible through the use of an appropriate lighting system. Still-life photography is one of the most requested types of photography in the field. For this technique, global lighting must be diffuse so that it doesn't create shadows.

My job consisted of producing a light test on different compositions of artefacts: in the showcase used for tests have been inserted a Soft Box, a large ceiling light for diffuse lighting, a lateral dichroic, a strip LED for the bottom and some Light Brushes.

Soft Box: ceiling light for diffuse lighting

Lateral dichroic light, to brush away the strong shadows generated from the Soft Box

Strip LED: a light from the bottom to bring up the shape of the objects and give more volume to them

Light Brushes: bespoke flexible fibre optical lights to bring extra light where needed