In collaboration with Arduini Design


Using a stool and a tray as core elements of a combined system, it is possible to avoid using tables during meal consumption.
These chairs can be arranged in different combinations according to the user’s need, thus allowing for different ways of use and giving a social value to the project

Prototype and exhibitions

The first prototype, produced by Maspi Srl, has been presented at Salone del Mobile 2015, and displayed at ADI per EXPO in the ADI building.

Follow up and new product

During the testing phase, we realised it was difficult to use. Taking a stool from the pile with just one hand proved to be challenging.
As an alternative, the tray can be fitted into the dedicated support before taking the food and then carrying the meal to the desired location. This concept also proved to be particularly interesting because it was easily adaptable to new contexts like offices, schools and multi-use rooms (workshops, meeting rooms) just replacing the tray with a flat surface.