Permeable Boundaries


MA Graduation Project

With Alberto Navoni, Andrea Nembrini, Prof. Gabriele Pierluisi, Arch. Marco Ferrara

Our project analyses open-source models and crowdsourcing dynamics, suggesting a possible application in a design project.
We elaborated a standard process for shared planning, that indicate principal characters and phases and how characters interact with each other, whether designer's decisions are inspired by general users' experience and together both groups can generate a feedback process, generating a new project that contains all these different experiences.

According to the standard process, designers and technicians are considered administrators who propose a topic. Using instruments like Mindmup and Github, users can develop an online brainstorming. Using the ideas from the mental map, we selected 12 realized case studies: they are all temporary projects that are easy to realize, with rough and low-cost materials.
All these examples have a clear main message to transmit to the public. These examples were used for writing 12 forms. The aim of this survey is to obtain a usable common base for a shared project studio, and users had to fill it out.

Our standard process is very interesting if used for the redevelopment of abandoned places: usually voluntary and local communities have a stake in their future destinations.
We applied our shared design standard process to a wide ex-industrial area in Milan, now completely abandoned, “La Goccia” in Bovisa.
For a hundred years this area was used for the Gasworks of Milan, a very important industrial park for the gas production. The entire industrial area was definitely closed in 1994, losing its original function.

The concept of our shared project is creating a representation of “invasion” in this impenetrable territory.
The old boundary of the industrial park has been modified after 1994, enlarging the public space near Villapizzone station and recreating the old boundary.

for more details: Behance page and Github page