Personal project

Voronoir is a chocolate bar, whose design has been generated using Processing, open-source software and programming language, often used for generative art. Using the code of a Voronoi diagram from Open Processing, I generated the texture in a Euclidean space, using mouse clicks to obtain a gradual growth in cell dimensions moving from left to right.

The chosen random texture generated in Processing shows bigger cells on the right-hand side and smaller cells on the left-hand side. This gives a playful touch to the chocolate bar sharing moment: every person can choose a different amount of chocolate and have a smaller or bigger piece.


Using the same idea of random distribution and dimension of the cells, it is possible to use different fillings in one single bar. The element of a surprise effect and the possibility to give a stochastic position to every flavour allows for the creation of an ever-different product and recipe using the same mould.